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Bev's Toddler Slippers
Photo and slipper designs Copyright 2000, 2016 Beverly A. Qualheim -All Rights Reserved
1 ounce of 4 ply worsted yarn (makes 1 pr. of 5" slippers)
#10 knitting needles
Cast on 19 sts
Row 1: K 1, P 1 across.  End on knit 1
Row 2 - 19: Repeat Row 1
Row 20: K across
Row 22 - 29: Continue in stock. st and ending on a purl row
Row 30: K 2 tog across until last st--k that one.
Row 31: purl
Row 32: K 2 tog across (5 sts left)
Row 33: Purl
Cut off 12" tail of yarn, thread it onto a large eyed sewing needle.  Carefully remove the 5 sts from the knitting needle by weaving the yarn tail through the sts.  Pull tightly to form the toe.  Fold slipper in half, inside out and whip st the heel shut.  Finally, whip st from toe to halfway down the slipper.  This leaves room to slip the foot into the slipper.
Add a pom pom if desired

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